Inspired by the rich history and resonance of the stretch of the River Thames from London Bridge downriver to Greenwich, the Press produces beautifully designed, commercial, non-fiction volumes of outstanding quality for a dedicated readership featuring strong narratives, magnificent illustrations and the finest photography. The Pool of London Press launched in September 2015 with publication of The Mapmakers' World by Marjo Nurminen, a spectacular, large-format, wonderfully illustrated volume exploring the social, technical and artistic history of cartography. This was followed by the amazing tale of a First World War spy, a Cold War era manual for spies and the splendid 'biography' detailing the dramatic career and crew experience of HMS Belfast written by Sunday Times bestselling author Brian Lavery.

the casemate group

The Casemate Group distributes books worldwide for over 250 publishers, representing more than 20,000 titles. An international publishing and book distribution company, the Group works across many areas in the specialist, academic, and popular markets, focussing on the humanities and arts – from archaeology to classical civilisations, military history to the renaissance, and literature to contemporary art. Consisting of divisions Oxbow Books, Casemate UK, Casemate Academic, Casemate Publishers, Casemate Art, and Casemate IPM (formerly International Publishers Marketing), the group has offices in Oxford, UK and Philadelphia, USA.